Carpet Stretching & Repair Services

Carpet Repair / Stretching ServicesDoes your carpet need to be repaired or re-stretched?   High-traffic areas and worn out backing are some of the causes.  Shampooing carpets may also cause humps if too much water is used. This is why carpet manufacturers suggest getting your carpets cleaned professionally using an extraction or steam cleaning system to reduce the amount of water that stays in the carpet while it is being cleaned. Certain brands develop humps more than others and have to be stretched two or three times before they lay completely flat.

Do you have any of the following problems?

  • Humps or Bumps
  • Pulled Threads from Pets
  • Burn Marks
  • Stains from Potted Plants or Rotten Carpet
  • Bleach Stains
  • Nail polish or Paint

There are several ways that a carpet can be repaired. From re-stretching or cutting the problem piece out and replacing it with another section (usually from a closet) to re-coloring/dying the area that is bleached.


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