Water Damage Tips for Your Flooring

Water Damage TipsIf there’s flooring or carpet damage in your St. Marys GA home caused by sewage backup, here’s some helpful tips!

Water damage caused by sewage backup – remove the carpeting and padding and discard it. Wash the floor with a detergent solution, rinse well, and allow it to dry thoroughly. If the water damage is in a small area, discard the carpet padding and use a wet/dry vacuum to remove the water from the carpeting.

Hire a professional, ServiceMaster Camden-Charlton, to clean the carpet, or shampoo it yourself. Rent a dehumidifier, and use fans to speed the drying process.

For linoleum, vinyl, or other types of flooring with water damage, use a water extraction vacuum to remove any excess dampness after mopping it. Clean the floor with a mild detergent and water. Turn up the heat in your home, or use a dehumidifier and fans to dry the flooring. Make sure that underneath the flooring is not wet; if it is, you will need to contact a professional, ServiceMaster Camden-Charlton, or dry underneath it yourself to prevent mold growth.

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